Demo Version of the FCA-NATC Rating system


A demo version of the FCA-NATC Rating system is available download. 


The demo will provide rates between the Atlantic Provinces (NB,NS,PE and NF) and points in Ontario, Quebec and the USA (48 states)…more


This Week In Petroleum


Changes in heating oil sulfur specifications in the U.S. Northeast will likely increase ultra-low sulfur diesel demand this winter


September 10 - Reductions in the maximum sulfur content of heating fuels in five northeastern states will likely result in higher demand for ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD). On July 1st, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island reduced the maximum allowable content of sulfur in heating oil to 500 parts per million (ppm) from 20,000–3,000 ppm. It is expected that heating oil meeting the 500 ppm specification will be blended from higher-sulfur heating oil and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), which has a maximum sulfur content of 15 ppm. The 500 ppm sulfur limit for heating fuel is an interim step in most Northeast states’ plans to reduce the acceptable maximum sulfur level to 15 ppm by mid-2016 (New Jersey) or during 2018 ...more (this link will take you to the Energy Information Administration website

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