Demo Version of the FCA-NATC Rating system


A demo version of the FCA-NATC Rating system is available download.


The demo will provide rates between the Atlantic Provinces (NB,NS,PE and NF) and points in Ontario, Quebec and the USA (48 states)more


This Week In Petroleum


Refinery outages in fall 2014


November 19 - EIA has issued its semiannual report on refinery outages and their potential implications for the availability of gasoline and distillate supply. The report considers the supply of distillate fuel and gasoline supply at the Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PADD) and sub-PADD levels rather than at a national level. National balances have limited meaning for the adequacy of distillate fuel and gasoline supply because pipeline infrastructure, geography and marine shipping regulations constrain the amount of product that can flow among the different regions of the United States.


The report also contains a discussion of current market conditions and average historical unplanned outages......more (this link will take you to the Energy Information Administration website

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