Demo Version of the FCA-NATC Rating system


A demo version of the FCA-NATC Rating system is available download.


The demo will provide rates between the Atlantic Provinces (NB,NS,PE and NF) and points in Ontario, Quebec and the USA (48 states)more


This Week In Petroleum


U.S. average retail regular gasoline price

near $3 per gallon


October 29 - At the beginning of this week, the U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline was $3.06 per gallon (gal), $0.64/gal lower than the June average price and the lowest average price for any week since December 2010. Falling crude oil prices have been largely responsible for the decline in retail gasoline prices. Typical seasonal declines in gasoline crack spreads, the difference between the wholesale price of gasoline and the crude oil price, have also contributed to falling pump prices.


Current market prices and conditions indicate that a U.S. average retail price below the symbolic $3/gal mark is possible in the coming weeks......more (this link will take you to the Energy Information Administration website

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