NEWS 2003

February 2003

For Immediate Release –


Fort Erie, Ontario, February 2003 –  FCA’s current Canadian Domestic Fuel Surcharge Calculation is 6%-LTL and 14.2% TL (billed weight 10,000 lbs. or over).  This fuel surcharge calculation is based upon 100% of the industry’s customer base paying the fuel surcharge...

June 2003 - English
Fort Erie, ON, June 2003 – The trucking industry finds itself in the midst of a perfect storm.  A continued soft economy, rising costs and thin operating margins continue to plague the industry. The situation is further exacerbated by carriers’ difficulty in charging for an ever-expanding plethora of accessorial services.  High profile bankruptcies will continue to reduce capacity unless the system is changed.  What needs to be changed? ...
juin 2003 - French
Fort Erie, ON, juin 2003 –  L'industrie du camionnage se trouve au coeur d'une tempête.  Le ralentissement économique qui se prolonge,  les frais d’exploitation qui gonflent et les marges de profit qui  s’amincissent persistent à dévaster l'industrie.  De plus, les transporteurs trouvent difficile d’être  compensés pour une pléthore de services auxiliaires en expansion continue. Les faillites de grande envergure et les entreprises de camionnage qui ferment leurs portes continueront à diminuer la capacité   disponible à moins que le système soit changé.  Que doit-on changer?...
July 2003
Buffalo, NY, July, 2003 – The North American Transportation Council’s General Rate Committee (GRC) has approved a 5.9% general rate increase effective August 4, 2003.  The rate increase is in response to the increased cost of handling U.S. – Canada freight.  Cross border carriers are facing significant cost increases in labor, equipment, insurance and security on both sides of the border...
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