Custom DiskRaters

Carriers and shippers have long recognized the importance of having PC based DiskRaters for internal use and distribution. The ability to supply rates electronically to meet the demands of both suppliers and customers as well as profit from the added efficiencies of PC software is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Our FCA-NATC Rating System was designed with this need in mind. Built in modular format, the System provides functions not found in any other DiskRater. By selecting from the extensive list of program features and modules, companies can build a program that meets specific needs.

New Rate Structure Development

For most companies, adopting FCA and/or NATC Base Rate Structures is adequate. However, in some circumstances more individualized rate structures are required. Be it due to a need for additional territorial coverage, a desire to remain compatible with the rates of other divisions, a need to meet competitive levels, or whatever the reason, we can built to suit.


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