For carriers involved in interline transportation, we supply a variety of division of revenue publications, designed to facilitate the proper and timely splitting of revenue between all partners. All the guides discussed below are available in hard copy, ASCII data or within the QuickSplits module of the FCA-NATC Rating System.

US - Canada Transborder

NATC D-49P - Provides traditional division of revenue factors over selected US and Canadian interchange points.

Canadian Domestic

FCA Canadian Division Guide - Provides an equitable division method by providing that each carrier receives the same percent of their local rate to the interchange point(s), while ensuring that the carrier serving minor, remote or congested points receives the additional revenue associated with that service.

RMB D-83

This 'Industry Standard' Division Guide can be provided within our windows rating system.  Through our agreement with the Rocky Mountain tariff Bureau, the publishers of D-83, we can provide D-83 revenue splits in a stand alone program, in the shipment rater program and in BatchMaster.


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